The 250th Anniversary is a time for Rutgers to reflect on the many significant contributions we have offered to our state and nation. The Rutgers 250th Anniversary Office wants to know about programs, events, seminars, colloquiums, and experiences that your department, office, or units are doing to instill pride in Rutgers while celebrating our 250th anniversary and acknowledging our unique history. We are particularly interested in programs and events that will establish new and significant traditions, thank our many and diverse constituents, and encourage active student and alumni engagement.

To ensure the best possible scheduling, coordination, and marketing of potential programs, we ask that you use the form below to submit your programs and events so that they can be considered for inclusion in official outreach and promotional efforts for Rutgers 250.

As you submit this program or event form, please consider the following Rutgers 250 guiding principles and how they may relate and be enhanced by your activity, event or program.

  • We will express our thanks to those who have supported us through the centuries.
  • We will celebrate Rutgers' 250-year history, as well as our future.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your program or event further, please contact April Coage, Assistant Director, Rutgers 250 at or 848-445-1915.


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